What we do

At Disruptors Co, we design ways to make big ideas real. We help you identify problems worth solving and build strategies to help you grow and thrive.

Innovation strategy

Through strategic co-design, we work with boards, leadership teams and management to identify and define your most pressing problems.

We then work with you to build strong consensus on solutions and accelerate decision making. 

We do this with tested design frameworks, which help you highlight your strategic, intractable problems, and help you develop tailored solutions with commercial opportunities and social impact. 

With these techniques, we’ve developed a large-scale innovation program for Optus, who were not just interested in spurring broad innovation, but integrating it into the very fabric of their business. They’re now reaping the benefits of innovation being a part of who they are.

We’ve also developed programs for the NSW Department of Education and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, among other clients. 

And we can work with your business, to ensure that strategy development capitalises on the strengths and opportunities that innovation can provide.

A refreshing approach to strategy development

Our established but adaptable design frameworks accelerate and drive innovation in teams. 

They also facilitate engaging, challenging, and dare we say, more enjoyable strategy development.

Case Study:

How Disruptors Co helped ...


” Disruptors Co helped us develop an efficient ideation and innovation framework that has enabled the business to collaborate more effectively across divisions, and ensured that we’re focusing on the right opportunities. They also worked with us to transition this skillset and capability into our organisation and as a result we are now equipped to develop a broad range of innovative, commercially viable and exciting solutions for our customers! “

– Andrew Tolputt

As one of Australia’s most loved everyday brands, Optus knows the immense value of building lasting and meaningful customer relationships. They also know that leading the way with innovative business practices is a sure fire way to build relationships that last. 

That’s why we’re working with their Innovation Mindset Team to create and embed new ways of working across their entire business. Spanning multiple years, teams and verticals, this large scale innovation program comprises hackathons with industry partners, customer centered design training and the development of a company wide innovation mindset. 

As part of this process, they’re not leaving any stone unturned. From developing creative strategies to growing customer love, and even exploring new and exciting ways their products can be integrated into the smart spaces of future living, Optus is dedicated to rewriting the narrative on what a tech business can be.  

And with a little help from us, they’re well on their way to doing it.

Ready to unlock the innovation in your team?