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Pathways for Women into STEM and Technical Companies


Be part of the change you want to see! Build career pathways for women into future-focused companies in this half day career hack. Registration is open to women-identifying students and recent graduates as well as women transitioning into the STEM and technical workforce. You could win mentoring, internships and even cash!

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At each career hack, participants will be placed in a team with 3-4 other members, generally from different courses of study, but with some cross-over of goals and objectives. In these teams, participants will build a women-led program to improve diversity within the tech company or companies associated with the event.

You’ll be given a canvas to work on together, and all the tools and resources you need to create real change – all in one half day!

All teams will be assisted by members of staff from these companies, and they will get a chance to imagine a future where they are creating the change they want to see. And at the end of each event, teams will pitch what they have built to senior decision makers and get a chance to win further mentoring or an internship with the company.

Who needs a job interview, when you can have a Career Hack! Take charge of your future and register to participate in a C2 event.

What happens at the events?

We know it can be challenging to meet new people, so we are making this the easiest experience possible.

When and where is each event?

All previous hackathons have been delivered in-person, however our final event will be hosted online from 9:30am to 2:30pm. All you need is your laptop, some snacks, and your brilliant ideas!

But I don’t have a tech background!

The whole point of this event is to have women from a variety of backgrounds – arts, design, business, IT, engineering, health, education – or anything else! You are all welcome, and the program is designed to help you see what kind of career you could forge in tech companies with your unique skill set.


An accessible experience is important for us. We wanted to give all Australian women the opportunity to join this series of events. 

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll be able to connect with industry professionals, learn from experts, and collaborate with other talented individuals, all while putting your innovative skills to the test.

The team from Encompass will be in and out of virtual rooms to mentor and help guide you through challenges on the day.

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C2 Career Hacks

Companies involved

Participants at each event


How C2 came to be

The C2 – Create and Collaborate program is possible with the support of the National Careers Institute Partnership program, and the Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment. This helps pays for the creation of the toolkit and materials as well as the coordination of the Career Hack series, and research outputs.

The C2 – Create & Collaborate: Careers for Women – program is designed for women students at universities who are transitioning into the workforce. Working with tech companies of varying size and complexity, we have developed a Career Hack, introducing women into a series of technology firms or companies where women have traditionally been underrepresented. The half day event will allow participants to work in groups to identify opportunities for roles in these companies and in other, similar organisations. Participants receive mentoring with company representatives at the event and could win ongoing mentoring or internships after the event.

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Interviews With Student Participants

C2 Career Hack Pitches

Pitches: 30 May 2022, Sydney at UTS Startups ​

With ISPT Super Property

Pitches: 11 July 2022, Melbourne, Foy’s Arcade

With Amazon (AWS) & ISPT Super Property

Pitches: 4 August 2022, Sydney, UTS Start Ups

With Optus and Salesforce

Pitches: 6 October 2022, Melbourne, Foy’s Arcade

With Siemens

Pitches: 19 October 2022, Sydney, UTS Start Ups

With Aquent and Vibewire

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